Comic Fridays 2: Drawing Hands

Episode two of Comic Fridays discusses techniques for drawing hands; the upcoming Judge Dredd movie; and the rest of this week’s comics news. This week’s reviews are of 2000AD #1786, Epic Fail & Yakage Force.

Intro & Outtro music: “2025” by DoKashiteru (feat. Colin Mutchler, murat ses)
Licensed under a Creative Commons license:

This week’s reviews:
Yakage Force:
Epic Fail:

2 Responses to “Comic Fridays 2: Drawing Hands”

  1. smbhax13 June 2012 at 05:06 #

    Interesting mic stand! 😉

    • Zoe Kirk-Robinson14 June 2012 at 20:29 #

      Thanks! It’s an old unidirectional mono mic on a Jack Daniel’s bottle. It got taped to the bottle because the stand broke during a house move and I needed a new stand in a hurry. The rest is history. 🙂

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