Preview Blog: Are comic colleges any use?

Season 1, Episode 2 Preview blog – by Luke H. Listen to the episode here.

Cartooning programs have been appearing in various places across America over the last decade or so.

From courses in The School of Visual Arts in New York or the Savannah College of Art and Design, to specialist schools like the Joe Kubert School and The Center for Cartoon Studies, it is becoming more and more possible to earn an education in comics.

On top of this, third level Manga courses have been available in Japan for decades, and institutions across Europe have been offering education in comics for a long time.

So does getting educated in comics help? Obviously you can learn to draw figures, and study colour theory, but can you be taught how to tell a good comic-book story?

Is it better you autodidacticly improve your own work through resources online and in books? Or should you be a complete purist and remain unaffected by the perspectives of others?

In a broader sense, does going through any kind of art program give you an advantage as an independent cartoonist?

People have come out as being for and against these kinds of schools, and that’s what we’re going to be discussing on Episode 2 of The Web Comics Company Podcast.

Here’s what we want to know from you:

“Is attending a comics college a good strategy, or could you improve your work just as much with two years of independent practice?”

The whole team is sure to have some interesting perspectives on this issue, and we’d love to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment below, and add your voice to The Web Comics Company Podcast!

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