The Web Comics Company is a weekly podcast for webcomic creators, readers and anyone else interested in the fields of writing and drawing for the web.

Why are web calling ourselves ‘The Web Comics Company’? That is answered in our pilot episode. Basically, we had the domain name ‘webcomics.co’ and it looked so much like Web Comics Co. that we felt we had to incorporate that into the title. It’s not any claim to authenticity, legitimacy, superiority, or anything like that. It’s simply a name that fit the domain.

Our contributors are based in the UK and Ireland, bringing a different perspective to most webcomic podcasts. We are:

Matt Dyson

Spot the artist

Matt Dyson

Matt was born in 1983 somewhere in the middle of the north of England. Ever since he’s been oblivious to the fact that he’s been meant to be growing up. Once upon a time a few years ago he got together with one of his best friends who convinced him that his doodles really should be on the internet, and Moo & Keo was born, a silly webcomic about two friends finding their way in an amusing world of cuteness.

Luke Healy

A cartoon self-portrait of Luke Healey

The world’s most convincing papier-mâché sculpture. Keep away from water.

Luke Healy was born in 1991, and is probably a totally cool guy.  He began publishing his first webcomic Pint Size Pixel in july of 2009. It was not good. Swanny Nook is his second webcomic, and luckily, it is much better.  Luke has had his work published in multiple comic and art anthologies. In his spare time, he attends college to earn a bachelors degree in journalism. He does not have his priorities straight.

Luke Surl


A cartoon self-portrait of Luke Surl

Luke Surl peaked in 1987 when he briefly held title of “world’s youngest person”, only to lose it mere moments later. It’s been pretty much downhill from there on in. On the way down however Luke has managed to pick up a Chemistry degree, found a Comic Creators group in Cambridge and convince someone to pay him money to sit in front of a computer in Oxford and push buttons in the right order. Luke kind of forgot to ever name his comic, and so by default it appears to have become synonymous with him – his thrice-weekly cartoons can be found at Luke Surl.

James Spence

A self-portrait of James Spence

Offer void where prohibited

Since 1976, Scotland’s best kept secret has been the author, webcomicker and dreamer James Spence. He is the author of Silly Beggar, a comical book about blagging freebies. He is the creator of Girls in Space, a science fiction webcomic romp. His first webcomic project, Dr Sheep and the Aardvark, was concluded in January 2009. James has a first-class honours business degree and a Masters degree in Multimedia Technology, He lives in Fife, Scotland with his wife Tiffany and cat Angel. He insists that bustin’ makes him feel good.

Zoë Kirk-Robinson

A cartoon self portrait of Zoë Kirk-Robinson

Not actual size

Born in 1980, Zoë was doomed to indoctrination into the ultimate kids cartoon shows. As a result, she became a comic strip artist from an early age. Since then, she has worked in almost all areas of the media. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, an honours degree in Law and runs her own publishing company. She produces All over the house and The Life of Nob T. Mouse from Monday to Friday, as well as Ink Proof Cannon whenever she can, because you can never have too little sleep.