Series 2 Episode 4 – Revenue Streams

This week, the Web Comics Company splits the podcast into two parts. Part one discusses print-based revenue streams, such as books and art commissions, while part two looks at digital revenue streams, such as ebooks, advertising and try before you buy models.

Comics and websites mentioned this week are:

Links: wcp-s02e04a.mp3 (35 minutes) and wcp-s02e04b.mp3 (36 minutes)

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  1. Ryan Estrada13 August 2012 at 04:24 #

    Hey folks! Thank you so much for the extended shout out! I was nervous listening, when you were talking about paywalls, that I was gonna get called out for putting comics behind a Paywall, but I was very happy to hear what you had to say! I’m indeed not rolling in millions…. after all the other artist’s cuts, and the money I paid the writers up front, I made $1779.66 but it is a great start for a model I’m going to keep expanding and exploring! The one thing I did learn is to keep all the content available at any price. I eventually gave all 7 books to every customer. But next time, I may do the ‘beat the average’ thing for access to bonus features and books from previous collections. As an ‘open source cartoonist’ I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

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