Series 2 Episode 1 – Why Are Webcomics Terrible?

In a magnificent return to form, the members of the Web Comics Company plough straight into one of the most controversial topics of our time: is the webcomics business model actually any good?

We also made reference to an episode from the previous series, Episode 23: Using the Web. You can listen to that by clicking here.

Included in this week’s listener comments are Tara Tallan of Galaxion; Ben Chamberlain of Supermassive Black Hole A*; Tony DiGerolamo of The Webcomic Factory; and Max Vaehling of The Dreadful Gate.

Comics mentioned on the show this week are:

Link: wcp-s02e01.mp3 (52 minutes)

One Response to “Series 2 Episode 1 – Why Are Webcomics Terrible?”

  1. smbhax3 July 2012 at 08:21 #

    I think we’ll continue to see new ways to make money from your comic–but making it available to read for free on the web, from everything I have heard, a) does not detract from other ways of making money from it, and in fact probably helps, and b) is one of the best if not the best ways for large numbers of people to find out and get excited about it.

    I suppose this is a whole other show’s worth of material, but there are other things you can do just through the web site that *aren’t* selling books or ebooks or merchandise — things like selling membership to an online club that gets extra comics, selling prints or original art, selling art commissions, input in the comic itself, etc.

    Zoe mentioned a $0.02 CPM (or RPM?) from ads. That is about what you could expect perhaps from running Project Wonderful ad boxes on your site, but other ad services–that you don’t need an agent for, either, like ValueClick or Google–pay something like five to ten times that much.

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