Episode 13 – Colour

It’s pun-tastic here at the Webcomics Company as we talk about colouring your comics. With thanks to Maddog of Zombie George for this week’s question.

During the show we talked about how Fraser Irving colours his artwork, with particular reference to a piece he produced for Dungeons & Dragons. We also discussed converting colour webcomics to grayscale in order to cut down on printing costs when making books, with particular reference to this image:

A grayscale version of the 'Honest Guv Railways' episode of 'All over the house'

The original version, in full colour, can be found here.

Link: wcp013.mp3 (58 minutes)

2 Responses to “Episode 13 – Colour”

  1. MADDOG4 March 2011 at 06:03 #

    The info you gave me was most helpful. I agree that my drawing style may not suit well for color. I also agree that there is a bias toward color comics over black and white. The Dungeons and dragons example was a very good Idea Zoe . I think I will start playing around with a monochromatic color for a bit and see if I like it or not. That might just be the subtle impact I need to propel myself forward into color.


  2. Zoë Kirk-Robinson4 March 2011 at 09:42 #

    You’re welcome. Good luck with it! 🙂

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