Episode 6 – Art and Awards

This week, the team discuss their artistic methods and influences. Meanwhile, The Life of Nob T. Mouse turns fourteen and the 2010 Webcomic List Awards are open for nominations. We also mention using Plasq Comic Life, Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio.

Link: wcp006.mp3 (82 minutes)

Errata: In this week’s episode, ZoĆ« mentions T.H.E. Fox being the first ever webcomic, but this is untrue. Keen-eared listeners have pointed out that T.H.E. Fox is actually the second ever webcomic, with Witches and Stitches having launched the year before.

Addendum: Following a little bit of curiosity, it turns out that The Life of Nob T. Mouse is either the sixteenth or seventeenth webcomic ever created. It’s hard to get a precise figure because an exact web launch date for Faux Pas isn’t available on its website.

Of all the comics that launched before Nob Mouse, it seems only seven are still updating in some form. However, given the number of webcomics that launch and fail in the same month these days, discovering that 47% of the first wave of webcomics are still running is simply amazing.

That’s judging the ‘first wave’ as lasting from 1985-1996, of course. I’ve done this because the exponential increase in webcomics kicks in during 1997, which suggests that is the starting point for a second wave.

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