banner.pngOver the course of its run, The Web Comics Company podcast aimed to present you with the best information on creating and maintaining your comic as possible. Each episode took a different topic and explained the problems & solutions associated with it in depth. Both series of the show are archived below.

The Web Comics Company were: Matt Dyson, Luke Healy, Zoe Kirk-Robinson, James Spence and Luke Surl. Legend has it that they are still out there. Don’t have nightmares.

Series 1 (2010-2012)

  1. Starting a Webcomic
  2. Writing
  3. Building and Developing a Community
  4. Traffic, Fonts and Conventions
  5. Thought Bubble and a Manifesto
  6. Art and Awards
  7. New Year’s Resolutions and Seasonal Comics
  8. Motivation
  9. The Webcomic List Awards
  10. Starting A Second Comic
  11. Teaming Up
  12. Website Design
  13. Colour
  14. The Dead Webcomic Scrolls
  15. Crafting A Joke
  16. Characters
  17. Webcomic Promotion (Other Than Adverts)
  18. Conventions
  19. Protecting Your Websites
  20. The Law
  21. Comic/Life Balance
  22. Advertising
  23. Using The Web
  24. Story Arcs
  25. Evan Dahm Interview
  26. How to Get Better
  27. Digital Comics and DC’s ‘New 52’
  28. Printing Comics
  29. Hiatuses
  30. Save Your Work!
  31. Luke Surl Interview

Series 2 (2012)

  1. Why Are Webcomics Terrible?
  2. Are Comic Colleges Any Use?
  3. Copying Others: How Much is Too Much?
  4. Revenue Streams
  5. Should I Care What Other Artists Think Of Me?
  6. What Equipment Do I Need To Go Pro?
  7. When Is It Time To Quit?

Bonus Episodes

  1. Episode 0: Is This Thing On?
  2. 2010 Bonus Episode
  3. 2011 Bonus Episode
  4. 2011 Bonus Episode 2 – Eat The Pig