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The Web Comics Company podcast was a show by a group UK web and indie comic creators who wanted to discuss the methods, culture and business of creating comics. It contains a wealth of information you can use to create your own comics, or improve comics you are already in the process of creating.

Series 2 Episode 4 – Revenue Streams

This week, the Web Comics Company splits the podcast into two parts. Part one discusses print-based revenue streams, such as books and art commissions, while part two looks at digital revenue streams, such as ebooks, advertising and try before you buy models. Comics and websites mentioned this week are: Gunnerkrigg Court The Humble Indie Bundle […]

Series 2 Episode 3 – Copying Others: How Much Is Too Much?

This week, Matt gets replaced by a robot from Doctor Who but the Web Comics Company soliders on regardless. We’re discussing the fine line between inspiration and copying. Where does one become the other? Listen in and find out! Listener contributions come from Ben Chamberlain of Supermassive Black Hole A* and Stef Marcinkowski of Sarah Zero. […]

Preview Blog: Copying Others: How Much is Too Much?

Episode 3 preview blog, by Zoë Kirk-Robinson. Listen to the episode here. We all have people or media that has inspired us; it’s something fundamental to human nature. Even going back to antiquity, the Iliad has fanfiction and there are responses to ancient Greek plays that themselves got plays written in response. We take what […]