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Robbie Burns, Witch Hunter

Few comics can seek to rewrite history with such love and devotion as this latest tale by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby. Robbie Burns, Witch Hunter takes the idea that the Ploughman’s Poet’s 224-line epic Tam O’Shanter is a retelling of Burns’ own experiences one night in Alloway and runs with it spectacularly. This is a […]

Catharsis – 2000AD Prog 1899

It’s all endings this week as 2000AD prepares for its jumping-on point in Prog 1900. If you’re a regular reader, there’s plenty to enjoy in this week’s stories; which provide a range of endings to long-running stories. For newcomers or those interested in starting to read 2000AD on a regular basis, I recommend waiting for next week’s […]