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Bananaman Coming to the Big Screen

Fans of the long-time Dandy/Beano parody superhero Bananaman will be pleased with the news that has been creeping around the Internet for the past day or two. Bananaman, the alter ego of schoolboy Eric, will be coming to cinema screens in 2015 thanks to a new film from Elstree Studio Productions; the company previously responsible […]

2000AD Prog 1863 – A Review

After last week’s brilliant start to the year, 2000AD Prog 1863 has a lot to live up to. The cover presents an interesting opening right away, depicting an event from the current Strontium Dog storyline. It’s not as punch as last week’s orbital drop but Dylan Teague’s choice of high action depicted in muted colours […]

How To Start A Comic – Comic Fridays #10

All the comics news from this week plus a guides to starting your own comic & a review of 2000AD’s mega end-of-year issue, Prog 2014. Intro & Outtro music: “2025” by DoKashiteru (feat. Colin Mutchler, murat ses) Licensed under a Creative Commons license: Comic Book Resources: Shuster heirs seek a rehearing of Superman […]